I'm Amalia Peigneux! A graphic and digital designer, and a part-time entrepreneur.

I’m from Madrid, Spain, but I lived in London for a year while I coursed an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction Design at City University of London. I also studied my degree in Graphic Design at ESNE, back in Madrid, where I discovered my passion for the digital world and everything that is related to it.
I finished my degree in Graphic Design in June 2017. What I learnt during my career is the importance of a powerful design to support a message.
During my career I had the pleasure of working as a Trainee in Zapping Publicidad, an advertising and design agency in which I learnt what was behind all advertising campaigns. During my stay in Zapping, I saw how my ideas came to life while working alongside some of the greatest figures of the Spanish advertising world.
More than two years ago, I developed the brand of Mi Mundo Travel Planner along with their website’s design, which brought me the opportunity to work in something related with what I like the most: traveling. I also had the pleasure of working for them as a travel planner, where I could not only show myself as a devoted graphic designer, but also start applying my knowledge of UX to each planning process.
During my master in HCID, I learnt how to use graphic design on the service of UX, UI and IxD. I also had the chance to work with people with different backgrounds, which allowed me to broaden my knowledges and go beyond simple graphic design.
While completing my master’s dissertation, I worked as a junior art director in some web and graphic projects.
Nowadays I work as a Senior Graphic and Digital Designer at EDT Eventos, where I’m developing my skills in corporate design along with communication strategies for all kind of companies. I lead the design strategies for brands such as Palacio de GaviriaMia Pia , LOCALE Events & SoulGeneración Savia, Gestair, PAM Saint-Gobain and others…
While working at EDT, I'm developing my own brand: ISIM jewels, where I take care of the graphics, communications, social media, web design, stock and management.
Where do I see myself in 5 years? Maybe we could discuss that over coffee...​​​​​​​