Marchito Vientre del Agua

Marchito Vientre del Agua photobook

By Majo Alonso and Amalia Peigneux.


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Based in “Yerma” from Federico García Lorca. This photo-book is inspirited in the feelings of frustration from a woman who can not get pregnant. The poem makes reference to all the elements in nature and to the woman itself, with her body and soul.

THE IDEAnoviamuerta

Inspired by the pain of this woman, we created an entire photo-book that combines some of the elements that appear in the poem and we gave our photographs the tragic and mysterious air that is present in the entire book.


We recreated the whole psychological process that the main character goes throughout the book, from her frustration to the outbreak of her madness, but combining this with a touch of beauty and intrigue.




First of all, we carefully selected some words from the poem that would inspire our photographs. We selected a natural environment, where the model would interact directly with nature.

Thanks to a touch of white make up in her skin, eyebrows and eyelashes, we gave her the appearance of a weak woman that feels useless. Her weakness is captured in every photograph, but it is combined with the strong contrast of lights that reflect her unstable state of mind.





Along with a reticular layout, it is noteworthy to mention the bookbinding and the final result. We choose a 20x20cm format for our photo-book, which is very similar to storybooks, and trying to make reference to nature again, we chose a textured paper and we bound it by hand to provide it with a rustic feel.


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