Interactive Mirror. V&A Museum.

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*User Journey’s storyboard

For this project, we developed a smart mirror to enhance visitors’ experience and interaction with the V&A’s exhibitions.

Reflection on our design: In terms of novelty (Sternberg & Lubert, 1999) these smart mirrors are already in existence and used in shops so people can gauge how an outfit might look before they commit the time to trying something on. Our approach mimics combinational creativity (Boden, 1998) in using these mirrors to facilitate learning and experiencing costumes on display at the V&A. In terms of usefulness, based on the limited user research and our own experiences we feel this would be a fun way to engage with content and is a perfect platform for enticing more visitors to the museum as the images get shared on social media. We hope that the gesture recognition will not only be limited to early adapters (Ihamäki, 2017) but will be widely adopted as more people are encouraged to participate.

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